Starting of Liver Transplantation in Bangladesh:

Liver diseases are common in Bangladesh. Prevalence of HBV is 4-7% & HCV is 1- 3%, other viral & non viral conditions ( NAFLD) lead to cirrhosis & liver failure. Hundreds of patients need liver transplant every day. Starting of liver transplant was long time due in Bangladesh. Deficient infrastructure, extreme shortage of trained manpower, equipments & facilities were the problems for starting liver transplant. in Bangladesh
Prof. Mohammad Ali started the first Dept. Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery of Bangladesh at BIRDEM hospital in 1999 with aim of starting liver transplant in Bangladesh. Manpower developed in this field, equipments arranged and organized facilities for starting liver transplant.
Segmental dissection of interior anatomy of liver was made at the Dept. of Anatomy of Dhaka Medical College. Vascular anastomosis of cow’s liver & sheep’s liver and Porcine Model (Pig to Pig) was made at BIRDEM hospital & Gastro liver Hospital & Research institute, Dhaka for technical expertise. Recipient and donor evaluation of many end stage liver disease patients were made in Bangladesh and their liver transplants were successfully arranged in abroad. Academic discussions, collaboration with overseas centers, awareness programmes in the different electronic and print media was continuously made.Information leaflet on liver transplant was distributed to public and appeal made for coming forward for donation of part of liver of as life saving gesture (gift) to his or her relative. Multidisciplinary liver transplant team was made at BIRDEM Hospital, headed by Prof. Mohammad Ali.

The first successful liver transplant performed on June 3, 2010 and second transplant on, August 6, 2011. Both the donors and recipients are back to their normal life. These two Successful liver transplant earned reputation in home and abroad and working as mile stone for development of liver transplant in Bangladesh.

Prof. Mohammad Ali is working hard to establish a well equipped liver transplant centre in Bangladesh, so that our patients of end stage liver disease can get the services of liver transplant in own country.


https://localhost/profali/img/h3.png https://localhost/profali/img/h12.png
Dissection of  Interior of Segmental Anatomy of liver, Dissection for vascular anatomy of cow’s liver.


https://localhost/profali/img/h13.png https://localhost/profali/img/h14.png
Dissection for vascular anatomy of sheep’s liver. Porcine Model (pork to pork ) of Liver Transplant.



Vascular anastomosis of porcine model of liver transplant.


Liver transplant team of Gastroliver Hospital & Research Institute, Dhaka with Prof. koichi Tanaka, Head, Dept. of Transplantation & Immunology, University of Kyoto, Japan
Members are: Prof. Mohammad Ali,Prof A.Q. M. Mohsen, Prof. S.M. Abu Zafor, Prof. Showkoth Hassan, Dr.Shafiuddin Mahmud Hussain & Dr. Nozir Ahmed.(March 17 to april 2, 2003)


Leaflet on Liver transplant (Bangla & English)


Appeal for donation of part of liver to save another life


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