Necrosis of the pancreas (necrotizing pancreatitis)

Complications during  pancreatitis due to  severe inflammation leading to necrosis of pancreatic tissue and the surrounding fatty tissue. Patients with necrosis usually have systemic complications as well and often need to stay in intensive care or high dependency unit for several days. The necrotic tissue may become infected and when this happens the only solution is to remove the infected necrotic tissue (Necrosectomy). It might also need fixation of a lavage system by drainage tubes (closed cavity lavage)  for continuous irrigation and removal of ongoing necrosed tissues. It may take long time
Patients with pancreatic necrosis should be treated by a specialist hepato- bilary- pancreatic surgery  centre with intensive care  and  other facilities.

Necrosed tissue ( after necrosectomy)


Closed cavity lavage System after Necrosectomy

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