Gallbladder Surgery


Gall bladder:
The gallbladder is a pear shaped structure that lies underneath of the liver. Its function is to store and concentrate bile (a substance that helps in digestion) that is produced by the liver and to deliver it to the small intestine when we eat. The bile mixes with the food and aids in the absorption of fats and certain vitamins that are dissolved in the fats.

Gall bladder Surgery
Gall bladder is affected by many kinds of diseases, most of the conditions needs surgery in the form of its total removal ( Cholecystectomy). There is no surgery in the form of partial removal of gallbladder. When it is affected by gall stone(s), the commonest cause of surgery, there is no treatment option for removal of stone(s) only, it needs complete removal of gallbladder. Its removal does not affect bodily function.
It can be removed laparoscopic ally or by open surgery. Anatomically related to vital structures like bile duct, hepatic artery & portal vein . Precautions to be taken during gall bladder surgery to prevent accidental damage of these adjacent structures.

Diseases of gallbladder need surgery:

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