National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh


Bangladesh is one of the densely populated countries of the world with poor socioeconomic & hygienic conditions. The incidence of different kinds of liver disease like hepatitis, cirrhosis & liver cancers is common in our country. About 04%- 07% of our population have hepatitis B & 1%-3% have hepatitis C. About 3.5% of pregnant women have hepatitis B viral infection. They are potential source of transmission of hepatitis B virus to their newborn. In addition, alcoholic and drug induced liver disease also increasing in our country. Contaminated food and drinks with many kinds of chemicals and preservatives also continuously contributing to increase various kinds of liver diseases.
The truth is liver disease can strike any one, young or old, rich or poor. It is shocking that about 70% of those living with liver disease are completely unaware of their illness.

The treatment of all these liver diseases is not only costly but also long continued. Even then the result is unpredictable. A large group of affected individuals dies of liver cirrhosis, liver cancer and hepatic failure. It is hoped that most of the liver diseases are preventable by awareness.
The National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh (LFB) is a not for profit organization started with the aim of prevention, treatment, education and research on liver diseases in Bangladesh.


National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh


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