Prof. Mohammad Ali attended the 35th annual meeting of Bangladesh Medical Association in the UK Ltd. as Invited Speaker at The Oxford Belfry Hotel, Oxford, UK on July 15 -17, 2011. He delivered two speeches; the first one on ‘Experience of First Successful Liver Transplantation in Bangladesh’. It may be mentioned here that the 1st successful Liver Transplantation of Bangladesh was performed at BIRDEM hospital on June 03, 2010. Prof. Mohammad Ali leaded the Liver Transplant team. The second speech was on the `National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh’- a philanthropic organization for Prevention, Treatment, Education and Research on liver diseases in Bangladesh. Prof. Ali is the founder Secretary General of the organization which is also a member of World Hepatitis Alliance, Geneva.

Prof. Mohammad Ali was accorded reception from the Mayor of Tower Hamlets Mr. Luthfer Rahman on July 21, 2011 at the Tower Hamlets, London, UK. All the councilors of Tower Hamlets attended in this cordial reception party at Tower Hamlets office building. Prof. Ali emphasized the need for cooperation of Tower Hamlets and National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh. He also informed that the Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh donated land at Sylhet for establishing a specialized Liver Hospital. He pleaded their support and cooperation for making the National Liver Foundation Hospital, Sylhet. The Mayor appreciated the activities of the National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh and realized the importance of establishing a specialized Liver hospital at Sylhet.

Prof. Mohammad Ali, Secretary General, National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh attended a conference on Informal Consultation to develop a regional strategy for the control of viral hepatitis in the South East Asia region. The conference was held at WHO SEARO, regional head quarter, New Delhi, India on 16th to 18th April 2012. Prof. Mohammad Ali represented Bangladesh in this conference as Temporary Advisor to the Regional Director, WHO, SEARO. He was nominated by WHO, Bangladesh. It may be mentioned here that Prof. Ali was one of the Signatory of the resolution on “Viral Hepatitis” which was accepted on 63rd World Health Assembly of World Health Organization (WHO).